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Barry McCrea and Elisabeth Ladenson | The Irish Proust | Museum of Literature of Ireland | Dublin | oct. 2022

The Irish Proust

Museum of Literature of Ireland, Dublin, 2022

The Irish Proust was a two-day conference which took place in October 2022 and brought together scholars and writers from Ireland, France, the UK, and North America to explore the French novelist’s influence on Irish literature as well as Irish themes within his writing. By delving into what is Irish within Proust and Proustian within Irish letters, ‘The Irish Proust’ aimed to shed new light on the greatest French novel of the twentieth century and its far-reaching cultural significance.

Online : Barry McCrea, Keynote (University of Notre Dame)
“Proust, Ireland, and the socio-economic language of the novel”
Online : Elisabeth Ladenson, Keynote (Columbia University)
“Proust and Wilde”


Prof. Michael Cronin (Trinity College Dublin)
Dr Max McGuinness (University College Dublin)