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AÀC | Proust in Prison | Romanic Review | 1er juillet 2023

Appel à contribution : Proust in Prison, revue Romanic Review

Date limite : 1er juillet 2023

Call for Papers: Romanic Review special issue “Proust in Prison”

Among more than a thousand books devoured by the prison inmate David Genis, Marcel Proust’s famous novel took him one year to finish. “He read In Search of Lost Time alongside two academic guidebooks, full of notations in French, and a dictionary. He said that no other novel gave him as much appreciation for his time in prison. ‘Of course, we are memory artists as well…,’ he wrote of prisoners in his journal, in the entry on Time Regained. ‘Everyone inside tries to make their time go by as quickly as possible and live entirely in the past,’ he said. ‘But to kill your days is essentially to shorten your own life.’ In prison, time was both an enemy and a resource, and Genis said that Proust convinced him that the only way to exist outside of it, however briefly, was to become a writer himself… Later, when he came across a character in a Murakami novel who says that one really has to be in jail to read Proust, Genis said that he laughed louder than he had in ten years.” ( 
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